Free Name System

FNS is a system for name < - > IP addresses resolution designed as an extension of the * DNS URN (Domain Name System) which it is fully compatible with. Register now e choose your name, then link it to an IP address or a DNS URN for free. Here's an example of a DNS URN with some of the many variations defined by FNS:

Existing DNS URN Some of the possible FNS My name
fns.myname (**)

Do you want to navigate between FNS with your PC? Download and install the latest version of FNS Setup directly from this site, and then try the’area test (DNS and FNS) if you do not already know a site with FNS to visit.

(*) FNS is more than a free DNS service (eg, a service that provides a free domain): a server FNS It includes many of the features made available by the normal DNS server, and in addition is designed in such a way that it can be expanded with new functions without necessarily having to modify or cancel any existing ones.

(**) In the case of homonymous name FNS a DNS URN, to a query FNS responds with the IP address of the DNS URN, ensuring an extension and not a substitution in this way the DNS URN. In other words, navigation between sites as we know does not change, and all sites with DNS URN “common names” They can always be visited without any problems; The difference lies in the fact that the more you can also visit those sites that have FNS.

FNS Search: the search engine customized for FNS names.

FNS Mail: the new e-mail system feedbacking. If you already have an FNS name, now you can create your new relative mailboxes!

Reverse FNS: The Free Name System without installing any software! Try it nell’area test.
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