Test area

It’ possible to make a record of the computer's configuration with the use of FNS names by FNS Setup clicking on some of them in the third column of the table at the bottom.

For those who have not yet installed the client, there is a chance to try the subsystem Reverse FNS names associated in the fourth column.

Submit your site using the dedicated space in home page and you have a link on this page.

CAUTION! The staff of FNS is not responsible for the proper configuration and / or services contained, including the web service, offered by DNS domains and FNS names listed below.

Website Name / DNS (if owned / i) Nome / i FNS Reverse FNS
Agis of business organization consultants www.agoagis.it acted agis.freenamesystem.net
Autoblog www.autoblog.it autoblog autoblog.freenamesystem.net
CDBergamo www.cdbergamo.it cdbergamo cdbergamo.freenamesystem.net
Emilionews: The high school online newspaper Socio-Psicopedagogico emilionews emilionews.freenamesystem.net
Federiko Aka The Killer www.newsbyblog.com newsbyblog newsbyblog.freenamesystem.net
Free Name System mantainers area mantainers.freenamesystem.eu freenamesystem.mantainers mantainers.freenamesystem.freenamesystem.net
Free Name System users area users.freenamesystem.eu freenamesystem.users users.freenamesystem.freenamesystem.net
GONDRAND.COM www.gondrand.org chicco chicco.freenamesystem.net
Hoogle – Best of Google! hoogle.altervista.org Hoogle hoogle.freenamesystem.net
IRpinia Linux User Group www.irlug.it irlug irlug.freenamesystem.net
JockerSoft – freeware programs (utilities, multimedia and more) www.jockersoft.com jockersoft jockersoft.freenamesystem.net
Your personalized mailbox www.zioroby.com fns.zioroby zioroby.fns.freenamesystem.net
Free www.libero.it free libero.freenamesystem.net
Mac Oils www.mc-oils.eu
www.mc-oils.com mc-oils mc-oils.freenamesystem.net
Microform training and multimedia www.microform.it microform microform.freenamesystem.net
Mira1 system www.mira1.net
www.mira1.it mira1.system system.mira1.freenamesystem.net
www.mira1.com Mira1 mira1.freenamesystem.net
Nemoprincess www.nemoprincess.it nemoprincess nemoprincess.freenamesystem.net
FNS project www.freenamesystem.it
www.freenamesystem.net freenamesystem freenamesystem.freenamesystem.net
Banner exchange www.crazyportal.org alias alias.freenamesystem.net
Subaru Blog www.subaru-impreza.it subaru subaru.freenamesystem.net
THEMTM www.themtm.biz themtm themtm.freenamesystem.net
VirtUosO   VirtUosO virtuoso.freenamesystem.net
Yahoo! Italy www.yahoo.it yahoo yahoo.freenamesystem.net
::www.IrcSheLL.it:: New Shell Provider :: www.ircshell.it ircshell ircshell.freenamesystem.net

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