Area download. Here you can download all published versions of programs for FNS. Each program can be installed in automatic; if you want a manual installation, or you encounter problems after the automatic installation, before contacting the service support You may want to visit the links in the top menu.

We advise all of FNS Setup users to uninstall any previously installed version, before you run the setup later.

The downloads have been deemed safe to McAfee SiteAdvisor.

Windows FNS SetupProgram name: FNS Setup
OS: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP Service Pack 2
User license: GPL
Publication date MD5, SHA1 Version Availability
06/01/2012 (most recent version) MD5: 11d9bafd7ed835d5b4440ffdaed6d191
SHA1: ae076af53620e919ce273813e6e877acfaaab69a
1.2.1a (x64) Download the latest version here! (326kb)
26/04/2011 (most recent version) MD5: ba1e5d288e61110a6e05df5aa45e951c
SHA1: 70a651747fb7f938912f96fce9b2d1839be23b5f
1.2.1a Download the latest version here! (320kb)
03/01/2011 MD5: 89df66cd0e0c68f1506920cd9f831131
SHA1: 69d62d7615f93f35c425f015aa984ceafa12eca4
1.2.1 Download now! (320kb)
28/11/2010 MD5: f98ecd809efc5464d50cb609996b2e76
SHA1: 8418bb6646573d84c3e6bac2c5b34b5318a06539
1.2.0 Download now! (445kb)

Windows FNS SetupProgram name: FNS Setup
OS: Microsoft Windows XP
User license: GPL
Publication date MD5, SHA1 Version Availability
11/10/2010 (most recent version) MD5: d0bc45b793a5a9da67391b08150655ca
SHA1: 08f95d013c01159eba3d7290619f84fa26cae130
1.1.6b Download the latest version here! (444kb)
17/06/2008 MD5: 1a820ace644d2576233864e53e9ffbf4
SHA1: 4fd19c55e80c03e88f5c0d90d9d1c3be86dc7325
1.1.6a Download now! (444kb)
04/05/2008 MD5: aec73a9423ccc9ef26af992173efec19
SHA1: 6f07a106a7ba7cadd158955712de8f3bbe438a60
1.1.6 Download now! (444kb)
04/04/2008 MD5: b81fa9a4b2d4af762d470d18c86a5c16
SHA1: 838c46a2d71c087cda6ae6512910b8016f380d4c
1.1.5 Download now! (444kb)
18/03/2008 MD5: dd6f97624737fc88ddba56296951fd85
SHA1: 339a0602b861cb6169c77981998f4a13b6a059a6
1.1.4 Download now! (444kb)
28/02/2008 MD5: b89a7ab682b7f443c93fc2331629d211
SHA1: 21813cac88c3aec3a1e3efe869f74b72c14efd6a
1.1.3 Download now! (445kb)
09/11/2007 MD5: 3926ee622d91f8c4e10fa46006ce1c49
SHA1: 8f10d71a39dc3bf2045988bcc902636760581b3b
1.1.2 Download now! (444kb)
07/05/2007 MD5: 84088bbd25f6573e40dea3f42a5c1b7e
SHA1: c10783133279359b70a6e4e16d6b56db2c73285a
1.1.1 Download now! (423kb)
25/01/2007 MD5: c6d36a654f42041d094c76cfe34a7bf7
SHA1: 81e23d6944e6dac550a165e2cb927d3954afbb4d
1.1.0 Download now! (422kb)
10/11/2006 MD5: 85daafb33629507a0d61a94daaafd1a2
SHA1: 141f1049065be2a89d941c315bd2e67d4b7f574a
1.0.1 Download now! (662kb)
29/05/2006 MD5: ebf9958742f8826b3ae0871e09e17837
SHA1: ab45144b245a6b382b8dcb2bfa95920d72754ca2
1.0.0 Download now! (662kb)

Linux FNS Setup logoProgram name: FNS Setup
OS: Linux (i386)
User license: GPL
Publication date MD5, SHA1 Version Availability
06/09/2011 (most recent version) MD5: —
SHA1: —
1.2.1 Download here the latest version for Linux! (1,03Mb)
03/08/2011 MD5: —
SHA1: —
1.2.0 tested on Archlinux Download now! (1,02Mb)
31/05/2011 MD5: —
SHA1: —
1.1.0 tested on RedHat Enterprise 5.5 Download now! (109kb)
24/04/2010 MD5: 9cd5ee8c9fb2ce7c3833f8e2f70e3545
SHA1: aba05b679656e466316d45c9ca0182828db75f7d
1.0.3 Download now! (287kb)
18/03/2008 MD5: 47bf5207d88e8c6b1c67129a6bd04def
SHA1: b8352ab33fc05e602d2bea0218a54f9e532b9902
1.0.1 tested on Ubuntu 7.10 and Fedora 8 Download now! (836kb)
01/07/2006 MD5: 6ab451fef0ed532fbfaeb6b429a3b955
SHA1: 5979d34cf00c6c9cd4cc1fb807bfa23fb7515e81
1.0.0 Download now! (677kb)

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