FNS Mail

FNS Mail It is the e-mail system that lets you create, manage and use email accounts belonging to free names category, closed groups and open groups.

This mail system is fully compatible with the current SMTP protocol for sending and receiving e-mail: any email address FNS can send and receive mail, respectively, to and from any other e-mail address, without exception. In order to facilitate such compatibility, the e-mail addresses FNS are composed exclusively by Reverse a name FNS, together of course the name of the mailbox and the traditional spiral '@'.

Example 1:

Nome FNS Reverse FNS
nomelibero nomelibero.freenamesystem.net
Some e-mail addresses FNS

Example 2:

Nome FNS Reverse FNS
gruppofns.nomelibero nomelibero.gruppofns.freenamesystem.net
Some e-mail addresses FNS

Access to its FNS mailbox is only possible via the web at: http://fmtp.freenamesystem.eu. The procedure to follow to get an e-mail address FNS consists of a few simple steps, and it is available who.
IMPORTANT: To access your mailbox you must enter the full name and email address, and password. (Is.: username: mailbox@nomelibero.freenamesystem.net, password: ********)

finally, the entire mail system FNS Mail offers a new function feedbacking that implements a type of anti-spam check done by man, While not abandoning the traditional anti-spam programs heuristic, deterministic and based on the calculation of probabilities.