Get an e-mail address

For an e-mail address FNS must be in possession of a name FNS. If you do not have it, the first thing to do is create a name FNS, whether it be a free name, a closed or an open group.
Once you acquired the name you can click on the relevant link: “Configure e-mail for @[name RFNS]“, dove [name RFNS] Reverse FNS is the name of the newly created (fig. 1). The setup prepares the email server FNS management of new e-mail addresses that belong to the new name.

FNS Mail server configuration

[Fig. 1]

After the server configuration will appear on the relevant link: “Manage the email accounts of @[name RFNS]“; clicking on it will enter the section for address management. the button “Create new mailboxes …” ultimately lead to the simple registration procedure and the creation of the box.

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