FNS Search

FNS Search It is the search engine of FNS names. With it you can search for names free, closed groups, open groups and the Reverse FNS visible, or configured to appear in the search results.

All FNS names except open groups can be configured to appear (be visible) in the search results (Default setting), or may be hidden. Visibility can be set only by the owner's name and not by a delegate, and can be toggled using the new feature “Sets <name> per FNS Search Engine” within the private user. Only the open groups can not be hidden to the search.
The visibility of the Reverse FNS names depends uniquely on the visibility of its FNS names.

During setup, the owner user can also set the following parameters, that will appear in the wake of each name in the search results:

  • Title – It is the title of the name FNS. If there was not, It will be repeated the name FNS.
  • Description – the associated service description name FNS (eg, a Web service with a description of the site, an FTP server, the description of a mail service with access parameters, etc.). If there was not, a note will appear in which you specify that it is not yet entered a description.

The search engine FNS Search It offers more than just a list of web sites; the resources listed as search results are FNS names that can dispense all the services of the Internet, come, just to name a few, email, FTP, P2P ed, obviously, the Web.

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