The free names

A free name points to an IP address or a DNS name. It may not have subgroups or names beyond, therefore it always appears after the last dot in a FNS name or, if there were no groups at its left, it is the entire FNS name. It’ s possible to have a free name for free using the’users private area. Here are some examples:

Nome FNS free name
firstgroup.secondgroup.name1 name1
fns.myname myname
name2 name2

In the example it is assumed that “name1”, “myname” e “name2” are free names. The fact that a part of an FNS name appears after the last point does not mean that it is a free name: In fact, a group FNS can point to an IP address or a DNS name and then can be the last part of an FNS name.

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